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  • Model: The Original
  • Year: 2022
  • Size: OSFA
  • Price: $1099

Where are the pedals? The Jackrabbit e-bike is conspicuously lacking a key feature of just about every bike out there. In place of pedals, the Jackrabbit e-bike features foot pegs where you can rest your feet while you rely solely on the throttle to control the motor. It’s a unique take on mobility, one that doesn’t concern itself with adhering to specific labels (is it a bike or isn’t it?) and rather focuses on solving a problem. This diminutive two-wheeled e-bike is meant to offer convenient, no-frills transportation for anyone short on storage space like apartment dwellers or office workers living the cubicle life. The Jackrabbit is comfortable being a niche solution, and is a lot different than many of the best electric bikes. As such, it does come with some limitations that only make it the right choice for certain types of riders. Read the rest of our Jackrabbit review to see if it fits your needs.
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