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  • Model: Radiant Carbon
  • Year: 2021
  • Price: $6395


One of cycling’s most famous designers, Tony Ellsworth, creates a brand that brings the electric bike to the forefront of technology and style. From top to bottom, each model released by The Ride Bikes aims to make the biking experience easy, beautiful, and fun through innovative technologies and thoughtful design.

Half regular bike. Half electric bike. All luxury! The Radiant Carbon™ luxury hybrid e-bike has been hailed by Forbes Magazine as "an ebike unlike anything else on the market".

With advanced sensors, it features an intelligent electric-assist system up to 20mph with a 100+ mile range between your pick of eco, normal, or high electric boost on your ride. It has the full speed range of a mountain bike, but without any visible gears and there's no need to shift. The Radiant Carbon automatically shifts gears for you and gives you the power boost you need based on how you're pedaling. Even when you approach a steep hill, you can stay seated and continue pedaling at the same pace and go right up without over-exerting yourself.

There's also no oily, rust-prone chain that you have to deal with (they tend to also fall off gearing during a ride). The Radiant Carbon features a 50,000-mile Gates carbon fiber belt drive. Gates is famous for high-quality belt drives for motorcycle racing and more. Let's put it this way - if you rode 10 miles every day on the Radiant Carbon, it would take you 13 years to wear out the Gates carbon fiber belt drive on your bike.

Our unique single-body carbon fiber and universal fit frame design will catch the eyes of everyone you ride by. It's truly impressive in design and versatility - accommodating riders from 5' to 6'4".

Make the Radiant Carbon luxury hybrid e-bike yours today. Financing is also available by selecting Affirm as a payment option during checkout. 

The Radiant Carbon comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty against all defects on all components. Wear and tear or damage from usage are not covered.

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